a) Anyone meeting Tom is falling in love with him.

b) Anyone who loves Tom is happy.

c) Jane did not meet Tom and Kate met Tom

atomic : meet(X, Y), love(X, Y), happy(Z)

1) to predicate form

a) ∀x meet(x, Tom) -> love(x, Tom)

b) ∀x love(x, Tom) -> happy(x)

c) ¬meet(Jane, Tom)∧meet(Kate, Tom)

2) to clause form

P->Q : ¬P∨Q 의 형태로 없앰 (implacte 를 OR로 변환)

? 근데 한정자가 들어가는지 안들어가는지는 모르겠음.. 확인해봐야 할듯


a) ¬meet(x, Tom)∨love(x,Tom)

b) ¬love(x,Tom)∨happy(x)

c) ¬meet(Jane, Tom)  // AND 는 그냥 아래줄에 씀

    meet(Kate, Tom)

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